NCRMN Coral Bleaching Database

Belize's National Coral Reef Monitoring Network (NCRMN)
The NCRMN is comprised of various government agencies responsible for marine protected areas, co-management NGOs that have daily oversight of marine protected areas, other NGOs involved in coral reef conservation, independent individuals that conduct research on coral reefs in Belize, and international NGOs that provide support to coral reef management and academic institutions that conduct research, monitoring and training. The NCRMN is focused on addressing new and developing concerns, including coral bleaching and disease.
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The NCRMN Coral Bleaching Database Application
The NCRMN Application provides coral bleaching statistical reports based on defined time periods and locations at which coral bleaching data was collected. Reports can be generated comparing coral bleaching statistics for multiple areas & sites.

Data Summaries
*Bleached includes Partly and Wholly bleached
Area & Sites Monitored by Organization
Environmental Research Institute
Belize Fisheries Department
Green Reef
World Wildlife Fund
Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute
Healthy Reefs
Lisa Carne
Southern Environmental Association
Toledo Association for Sustainable Tourism and the Environment
Toledo Institute for Development and Environment
Belize Audubon Society
About Coral Bleaching
Coral bleaching is a stress condition in reef corals that involves a breakdown of the symbiotic relationship between corals and unicellular algae (zooxanthellae). These microscopic plants live within the coral tissue and provide the coral with food for growth and their normal healthy colour.

The symptoms of bleaching include a gradual loss of colour as zooxanthellae are expelled from the coral tissue, sometimes leaving corals bone white.
A pale color is the first sign that corals are stressed, hence the term "Paling".